Honesty is the Best Policy!

Insanity: The Asylum is not just hard, it’s quite frankly insane! And time consuming! I honestly did that program for two days before I gave up and went back to my all time favorite workout regimen, T25. I’m not just a single mother of two (which would make my schedule crazy enough) but I’m also a college student, which means I have little to no time for self-improvement. Which is why I can’t stick with these programs that have 45-90 minute workouts every single day. I need something that will allow me to get in and get fit without compromising those precious few hours while my children are at school (and I’m not).

Since I was trying to push myself, I started on the first week of T25 Beta, which is kind of like the intermediate level (gamma would be the advanced). I am happy to report that after that first week I was down 5 pounds and lost 2 inches around my waist (which is my target area), so it wasn’t a complete bust!  Here’s what the Beta calendar consists of:


I didn’t do the doubles option, I chose to do the core cardio on Saturday instead. To be honest this is the workout regimen for me, I’ve lost the desire to try out other programs. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it! However, if you haven’t found the program that works best for you I would highly recommend trying out a few before you financially commit to one. Here’s some additional blogs that might be worth checking out if you’re still wanting an outsiders opinion

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