Entering the Asylum!

This week I wanted to start on Insanity: The Asylum. This is an extreme high-intensity workout program that is marketed towards athletes. Here is a little summary of the workouts they introduce in this program

Asylum vol1

This program has it’s own version of the Fit Test that I completed last week with the original Insanity program

asylum fit test

The workouts are segmented into 5 day chunks. The scheduled week of workouts for the first 5 days is as follows:

  • Monday – Speed and Agility
  • Tuesday – Strength
  • Wednesday – Back to Core
  • Thursday – Vertical Plyo (that sounds fun…)
  • Friday – Rest Day (Yay!)

This program also requires a lot more equipment, such as a varied set of dumbbells, a speed rope (jump rope) and an agility ladder. Most of which I already have, except for the ladder. I’ll have to check my local sporting goods store and see if I can obtain one of those (I thought about just making the outline on my floor with some duct tape but I’m not sure how well that would work).

Since this is going to be the hardest program I have attempted so far I’m going to stick with it for more than just 1 week before going onto the bigger and badder Vol. 2 version. So next week I’ll add my Fit Test results and some measurements to see what kind of improvement I’ve gotten through these programs.

If you’re looking for another fitness blog, or just general health related information, The BeachBody Blog is a great resource with a lot of awesome tips and topics! Feel free to check it out!


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